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These are the forefathers of our organization. They are responsible for introducing the sport of roundnet in Taiwan and forming Taiwan Roundnet.


2020 - 2022

Austin Rohlfing

Austin was Taiwan Roundnet's first ever President. Before coming to Taiwan in 2019, he had played in several tournaments in his home country of America. He, along with Amir Faridz, were primarily reponsible for introducing roundnet to Taiwan's expat community when they met in 2020.

2020 - Present

Mike Peng

Mike, who is a physiotherapist, was introduced to roundnet when he and a few fellow doctors began playing the sport in a small corner of their clinic. He and his teammate, Stewart, were Taiwan Roundnet's first ever National Champions. Mike became the second President after Austin in 2022.

2020 - Present

Elvis Lin

Elvis is credited with being the first ever Taiwanese person to bring roundnet to Taiwan in 2019 when a car accident made it difficult for him to play other sports. Based primarily in rural Yunlin, he and his three friends were the pioneers of roundnet in Taiwan.

2020 - 2022

Amir Faridz

Amir was first introduced to roundnet when a friend of his gave him an old roundnet set back in Malaysia. That roundnet set (now known notoriously as the egg-shaped set) is enshrined as a relic of the Taiwan Roundnet organization. He began spreading roundnet in Taiwan when he introduced the sport to his tennis group in early 2020.

Founder's Corner

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