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Want to be more involved in the Taiwan Roundnet community? With our official membership program you can! We have three different membership tiers described below:
1. General Membership

2. Club Membership

3. League Participant

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General Membership
NT$ 100/year

This is our most basic membership. With this membership you will be able to register for any open, league-sanctioned tournaments and make a member profile on our website. We describe this membership as being more of a donation to support Taiwan Roundnet. Signing up for this membership helps us accumulate more official members to receive sponsorships and government assistance so that we can host better events. You must first have this membership before applying to any other membership.

Club Membership
NT$ 600/year

This membership allows you to join an official Taiwan Roundnet recognized club. Being a club member means you will receive a club jersey, can participate in club practices, intra-club tournaments and leagues, scrimmages with other clubs, and represent your club in league-sanctioned tournaments. Before applying for this membership, you must first have a general membership and have approval from the club's captain. Not sure who a club's captain is? Check out our Clubs page. The fee for this membership includes the price for your team jersey.


League Participant
(Coming soon)
*NT$ 1000/season

This is the highest competitive level of roundnet. To participate in an official league you must first be a member of a club. Leagues are invite-only, intra-club competitions that are 8 weeks long and are recommended for only highly competitive players. There are four seasons a year (3 months each). With league participation you will have the ability to earn a spot to represent your club in the "Master's Division" in seasonal tournaments as well as National and International tournaments. You will also gain access to stat tracking. Learn more about participating in a league on our Pro League page.

*Subject to change

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